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Thoughtful Gifts for Tree Lovers

Thoughtful Gifts for Tree Lovers

gifts tree-inspired Feb 26, 2024

Valentine's Day might have passed, but we all have the desire to show our love, finding the perfect gift for our tree-loving spouse and friend through the year, especially for their birthday! Because when it comes to giving gifts, we always want to be sure we are showing that we not only appreciate the other person, but we understand their passion and their underlying drives! Chocolates and roses are great, what girl doesn't love a little stereotypical show of love... but I thought it would be fun to curate a list of thoughtful gifts for anyone with a love of trees! So whether they have a green thumb, a passion for nature, or simply enjoy the serenity of a wooded landscape check out this quick and easy list of practical to whimsical gift ideas sure to plant a smile on any tree lovers face.

  1. Indoor Bonsai Tree Kit: Everything is always cuter in miniature size! And this is also true for trees. Bring a glimpse of the love for great, giant trees to the indoors with a bonsai tree seed starter kit! Bonsai's can have significant meaning to many people, but to tree lovers it's just another opportunity to have our passion for the great-outdoors at our fingertips inside! This can be especially meaningful for those who do not live on the land, or near open spaces! Check out this Amazon kit set which provides 4 different tree species for a true splash of color AND a love of trees: 

  2. Tree-Inspired Apparel: Celebrate their tree-loving spirit with scripture-inspired clothing. Proverbs is a wealth of inspiration for all parts of our daily life, including our tree loving passions! Check out this Proverbs Wisdom t-shirts HERE or a reminder we can rise up to any task we're called to with this Esther, tree-inspired design HERE! The Enrooted Shop has a wide-range of forest inspired designs, rooted in scripture to allow us to walk our talk, wear and sharing our values everywhere we go. Check out all the Enrooted, scripture founded, forestry inspired merchandise HERE

  3. Botanical Artwork: Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with botanical artwork. Choose a print or painting featuring their favorite trees or a serene forest scene. This timeless gift adds a touch of nature to any space, creating a daily reminder of your thoughtful gesture. Find a wide-range of tree-inspired of artwork for any style or size HERE. But if you truly want something unique, supporting small-business and natural resource professional artists, I must introduce you to Art by Alexandra Nicole. There is no affiliations associated with her artwork, but I promise you won't be disappointed! Check out Art by Alendra Nicole Here

  4. Tree Identification Field Guide: For the nature enthusiast who loves a good stroll in the woods and is always inquiring about what each tree "is", a personal, colorful tree identification field guide is a perfect gift! My personal favorite which I used in college is the Native Trees of the Southeast! And the perfect compliment, which I have used often in my management days, is the Forest Plants of the Southeast! For the avid traveler who may not necessarily want to carry a multitude of different regional books, may I recommend the National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees of North America... another which I have in my personal collection! And lastly, not a field guide book, but a book I was gifted in my early tree-passion days while a waitress, I have personally loved seeing the uniqueness of trees across the world in the Remarkable Trees of the World book! 

  5. Wooden Accessories: Elevate their style with wooden accessories. Consider a handcrafted wooden watch, perhaps even personalized with an engraving, or a wooden phone case featuring a nature-inspired design. These accessories not only showcase their love for trees but also their love of conservation and sustainable use of trees! And not only that, but they add a touch of rustic elegance to their everyday life! Check out a few of my favorite designs:

 Finding the ideal gift for your tree-loving spouse is a wonderful way to celebrate their passion for nature and to show your true appreciate for them. Whether it's bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside with a bonsai tree-planting kit, tree-inspired apparel, or personalized wooden watch, these thoughtful gifts are sure to deepen your connection with one another and continue to help your relationship to grow. 


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