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How to Calculate the Value of Timber on Your Property

How to Calculate the Value of Timber on Your Property

beginners harvesting timber harvesting Jul 05, 2024

Determining the value of the timber on your property can be quite a task, but with the right approach and expert guidance, you can navigate this with confidence. Here’s how you can get a precise estimate of your timber's worth, and why working with a consultant forester is essential for achieving the best outcome.

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First and foremost, consult a Consulting Forester.

The most reliable way to determine the accurate value of your timber is by consulting with a professional forester, a consultant forester specifically. They bring expertise in assessing both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your forest, from species identification to volume calculations and market timing. A forester will ensure all factors are considered, so you receive the best possible return on your timber. This is highly advised as well because many online timber value platforms either require a subscription or are broadly generalized and usually a quarter behind on the latest rates. Although these can be great resources to compare with and understand the generalized ballpark of norms, they should not be used to determine YOUR value of timber in place of a consultant foresters cruise. 

"The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty."
Proverbs 21:5

The following reasons are the factors which determine your timber value:

1. Understand Local Market Dynamics

Timber prices are not uniform across the board. They vary by region, state, and even within counties hours apart from one another. They fluctuate based on local mill presence and demand, which can be influenced by broader economic activities and specific industry needs in your area. Your forester will have up-to-date information on local market opportunities, conditions and how they affect the value of your timber, to help you decide the optimal time to sell.

2. Timber Quality and Product Types

The type and quality of your timber play critical roles in determining its market value. Different products like pulpwood, sawlogs, veneer logs, or poles a command different prices. High-quality timber with fewer defects usually means higher prices. Your forester can classify your timber according to its potential use, providing a more accurate value based on quality and product type. It is important to note that there must also be a sufficient enough volume per product class, especially high-quality and niche products, to be of economic value. Having a few pole-quality trees doesn't mean you'll be able to get pole rates if you do not have enough through the tract to equate a truckload or more, depending on the current demand.

3. Consider Access to the Tract

While the access to your timber doesn’t directly affect the intrinsic value of the wood, it significantly impacts the stumpage rate—the price you receive for trees still standing in the forest. Difficult access due to poor roads or challenging terrain can reduce the stumpage rate because of the higher costs and effort required to harvest and transport the timber. A forester can sometimes help negotiate better terms by addressing these logistical challenges.

4. Factor in Weather and Seasonal Impacts

Another external factor which doesn't impact your value of timber, but the stumpage rate you may receive. Weather conditions greatly influence timber prices. For instance, wet weather can limit logging activities, reducing supply and potentially increasing prices IF your timber is capable to be logged at this time. Conversely, prolonged good weather can lead to an oversupply in the market, driving prices down. A consultant forester can guide you on the best seasons to sell your timber, optimizing earnings based on weather patterns and market demand, as well as ensuring the conservation of your land based on its soil type. 


Calculating the value of your timber involves a nuanced understanding of many factors, from market dynamics to the physical accessibility of your land. Engaging a consultant forester not only ensures that all these factors are professionally assessed but also maximizes your timber's value through strategic planning and skilled negotiation.

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