Hi, I'm Danielle Atkins.


I'm deeply passionate about creating those "aha!" moments. You know where you not only start to grasp what you didn’t even know you didn’t know, but can see HOW to start applying management concepts to your own forestland.

I’ve heard the stories time and time again. I’ve walked with women virtually hand-in-hand; With widows overwhelmed by grief and anxiety and no idea what steps to take to manage their forests or how to handle their new responsibility. Women with no experience and little to no plans left behind for them to follow, because how many times have our husbands just managed everything in their head?

As a registered Forester with over a decade of experience, I saw the undeniable need for bringing relief, clarity and confidence into the lives of women just like you, who have been trying to tackle their forestlands alone. I started Land and Ladies and haven't turned back. (Matthew 19:26)

My Education:

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Forest Resources in wildlife sciences in 2012 from the University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and continued to receive my Master of Forest Resources in 2013.

My Experience:

Working for the Georgia Forestry Commission for nearly 5 years, I witnessed the struggles women landowners often have when abruptly inheriting their forestlands, which is when I first started developing women-focused workshops (2016). I've worked with the nationally awarded Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Program while with GFC as well as a private forestry consultant, which have helped me level up my landowner education skills and further understand the complexities of generational family land and succession problems. This all lead to the start of Land and Ladies in 2020, where I have been CEO/Founder and lead forester since!

My Involvement in the Forestry Industry:

Having served in several leadership roles and being involved with the Georgia Forestry Association since 2014, and leadership positions at the regional, state and local chapter level of the Society of American Foresters since 2014, I'm very in tune and integrated within the forest industry as a whole. In 2020 I also received the Young Alumni Award from my alma matter, the University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry. I understand the processes from seed to stump. I'm a registered forester in Georgia (#2997), and have a passion for helping women landowners across the southeast. 

Personal Facts:

I'm a wife, mom to three kids and landowner to our 41 acres of hardwood mix. We'll be starting our homeschooling adventure in Fall of 2024 and I strive to always help my kids explore their passions and curiosity.

I wasn't a straight-A college student and believe application and experience is JUST AS important as book-knowledge! Despite my lack of impressive undergraduate GPA I was accepted into the Blue Key Honor Society at UGA my senior year (2012)!

My dream was to work in Disney's Environmental Education (one of many) but turned down an internship to Animal Kingdom, to have a chance to apply to forestry graduate school! I've volunteered at a local wildlife sanctuary zoo where I participated in many wildlife outreach education events, accidentally let some bears out of the exhibit onto walking trails, and befriended a barn owl.

Oh, and we have backyard chickens, a 13 year old dog and two cats! 

Connect with Me 

Hey there! Got questions, ideas, or just want to chat about all things awesome? Drop me a message and let's make this internet connection official. Excited to hear from you!