Danielle Atkins is a double dawg from the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources with her BSFR in wildlife sciences (2012) and Master of Forest Resources (2013).

Working for the Georgia Forestry Commission, she witnessed the struggles women landowners often had when abruptly inheriting their forestlands. Danielle has worked with the nationally awarded Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Program, and has been developing women-focused workshops since 2016.

Having served in several leadership roles and being actively involved with the Georgia Forestry Association and Society of American Foresters, Danielle is very in tune and integrated within the forest industry as a whole, understanding the process from seed to stump for landowners. Danielle also practices as a registered forester in Georgia, required to maintain continuing educational credits to keep up with state requirements to practice and advise forestry in Georgia.

Danielle is married and has three children: William, Elliott and Rea, and resides on 43 acres in Brunswick, Georgia.

Fun and weird facts:

Danielle has worked on a wildland firefighting handcrew on western fire assignments; accidentally let loose black bears during a volunteer zookeeping position (no worries, they were tracked back to their enclosures and sheriff’s office and animal control had a great time with this “incident”); was an avid crossfitter, and plans to return the local box.

Director of Operations

Our newest team member as of January 2022 is Vic Clepper. She graduated with a degree in business from College of Coastal Georgia and has a background in service and marketing coming from a five-year career in trucking insurance. 

She is married to her husband Drake and they have two children. Outside of work, Vic can be found at the gym lifting weights or doing jiujitsu. She also enjoys reading, yoga, and being outdoors. Vic is always trying something new and exciting and uses this novelty seeking trait to make sure we are providing the most valuable and innovative opportunities for our members.

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