The problem is you've inherited this responsibility, but you've never participated in or even been that engaged in the process. You feel ill equipped to make management decisions on your own and have been either uncomfortable or unable to attend traditional events. 



The ACADEMY has Something for Every Stage of Landownership

No matter your experience level or knowledge, we have modules on all your major topics broken into the five segments every landowner goes through and needs to know. 

Succession Stage

Recognize what professionals to work with, which considerations to make and plans to make for a lasting family legacy.

Mid Management Stage

Discover how you can improve and enhance your forest and wildlife habitat. 

Harvesting Stage

Learn everything you need to know when selling your timber and how to protect yourself from a bad harvest.

Reforestation Stage

Determine how you should plant and make sure you're getting the results you want.


Understand the financial responsibilities and revenue opportunities with your land.

Landownership isn't a race!

But we provide the roadwheel to help you navigate no matter what stage you are entering from.


Meet Your Host

Danielle has been practicing forestry since 2014. Since 2020, she has shifted her expertise to perfecting online land management training programs for women and family landowners. 

During this time, the Academy has evolved into what it is today: a hub for you to learn not only the fundamentals but have access to next level trainings for every stage of landownership.

The Academy is built to meet you right where you are and grow with you along your landownership journey.

What's Included... 

Plus Expert Sessions Inside Our Academy Like:

and More...

See What Past Land and Ladies Participants are Saying...

Candice A. 

"We are excited to buy land within the next couple of years and the information you and your colleagues have shared. The Woman Landowner Academy has bolstered my confidence in my ability to make important land purchase and management decisions."

Sylvia D.

“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your Landowner Academy. Great work! I look forward to future webinars, workshops and symposiums.” 

Lyn O.

"Danielle is so knowledgeable, and she presents and shares that knowledge in a very helpful way. What a great discovery this class was for me. I now have the confidence to manage my timberland."

Jessica H.

"These two programs not only got me thinking outside the box on some things, but it also got me very motivated to start the process of actually getting a management plan started. It was definitely easy to navigate and I really liked that you could see the progress through the program."


Anne P.  

"So glad for this course! I grew up here in Tennessee, but my dad's family is from South Georgia, where I am trying to manage the land 8 hours away after my father passed away in 2019.My two brothers and I will inherit it someday and I want to keep it in the family if possible."

...And this is just from the Academy Foundations!


Pam S.

The Academy Includes:



  • Landowner Foundations Course
  • Selling Your Timber A-Z Course
  • Landowner to Steward Intensive
  • Wildlife Course
  • Exclusive LIVE Pop-up Events 
  • Expert Sessions
  • Modules for every stage of landownership
  • Land & Ladies Networking Community
  • 25% Discount on Land & Ladies 2025 Biannual Symposium Registration

One Time Payment of $799


4 Monthly Payments of $215


Being an Academy Member means you will have access to ALL our Trainings and a decade's worth of experience for 12 MONTHS!

I believe in The Academy so much that I’m offering a 365 DayNo Questions Asked GUARANTEE!!

I understand land ownership is a marathon and not a sprint, and most steps take time…. Which is why if there’s even a slight chance you think this will work for you, you should enroll today! Try the material, join the sessions and watch the recordings at your pace and see if this program is a right fit for you… If at the end you decide the Academy hasn’t provided any benefit to you, your landownership decisions and and plans, just reach out to customer support at [email protected] and you’ll receive 100% refund, no questions asked! 

Why would I do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And I’m so convinced of how effective this is, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in this Academy!

Don't see you questions here? Email us directly as [email protected]