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Esther wisdom and land stewardship insights for sustainable planning and conservation

Esther's Wisdom: Land Stewardship Insights for Sustainable Planning and Environmental Conservation

beginners biblical conservation landownership planning women of the bible Jan 09, 2024

In the timeless narratives of the Bible, hidden gems of wisdom often emerge, offering guidance even in unexpected areas of all areas of our life. The story of Esther is one that especially speaks to me! A courageous and resourceful woman in the Bible, she provides valuable lessons that resonate beyond the pages of history and scripture. Additionally she's a good model to gleam insights from because of her relatability. She never aspired for the role she was placed into, she never intentionally pursued ways to be "more involved", but rather was thrusted into a situation and presented with a choice to act or not. Her bold choice to act, despite her fear, is what is so relatable to not only myself in a variety of my life but in landownership.

So let's explore how Esther's journey inspires insights for sustainable planning and environmental conservation! 


1. Strategic Planning: Esther's Forethought

Esther's story begins with strategic planning as first spends 3 days in prayer before pursuing any action to navigate the complexities of the Persian court. (Esther 4:16-5)  In land management, a well-thought-out plan, time doing due diligence and preparation, is equally crucial. Consider your goals, operational needs, and long-term sustainability for the land and your family. Esther's forethought encourages us to approach land stewardship with a strategic mindset, not a jump in and figure it out as you go.


2. Environmental Stewardship: Esther's Respect for Life

Esther's compassion extended beyond her personal concerns; she advocated for the well-being of her people. Similarly, effective land management involves respecting and conserving the environment. Learn from Esther's commitment to life and apply it to responsible land practices that prioritize sustainability and conservation. In forestry these practices are called "best management practices" which ensure that all forestry operations keep our waters swimmable, drinkable and fishable.  


3. Community Engagement: Esther's Inclusivity

Esther engaged her community, rallying support for a common cause. In land management, community engagement is key. Whether it's collaborating with neighbors on conservation projects and operations or engaging with local resources like NRCS, consultant and county foresters, loggers and contractors, Esther's inclusivity teaches us the importance of working together and how much more can get accomplished when you bring others in to support you.


4. Timing and Patience: Esther's Poise

Esther waited for the opportune moment to address King Xerxes, showcasing patience and poise. In land management, timing matters too. Many times we should not rush into our forest management operations, such as timber harvesting, as patiently waiting always results in better results than rushing the job. So whether it's waiting for the right timing for timber harvest markets or weather, or patiently waiting for the right weather for reforestation, Esther's example showcases the importance of timing and patience in land stewardship.


5. Legacy Building: Esther's Enduring Impact

Esther's actions had a lasting impact, securing a legacy that transcended her lifetime. Similarly, in land management, consider the legacy you leave behind for the land as well as your family succession. Planting trees, implementing sustainable practices, and proper stewarding of the land ensure a lasting impact that future generations can benefit from.


Esther's story offers a treasure trove of wisdom applicable to all areas of our lives, including land management. As stewards of the land, accepting our biblical responsibility to actively manage the land, we can draw inspiration from Esther's strategic planning, environmental stewardship, community engagement, patience, and commitment to leaving a positive legacy. By drawling guidance from Esther, we pave the way for responsible and impactful land stewardship, honoring both our Godly stewardship responsibilities and the Earth we are entrusted to care for. 

The question remains though, will you embrace the task handed to you like Esther? 


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