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Easy Hunting Listings for Landowners Looking to Make Extra Cash: HLRBO!

hunting landownership leases Dec 14, 2020
HLRBO calls itself the premier online hunting lease network. A quick browse of the website and you will find it’s very similar to VRBO and Airbnb, just for hunters and people with a lot of extra land, looking to make some extra cash.
HLRBO is revolutionizing the way that property owners can lease out their land by making the process quick and simple. A landowner is able to make a free listing on the website in five minutes or less, it’s then reviewed by the company and once approved is in front of more than 20,000 hunters. There are no fees or commissions and interested hunters can directly contact the landowner with any questions or to lease.

Benefits of Leasing Land

Leasing land to hunters is an easy way to earn some extra cash. In fact, HLRBO says landowners can earn up to $25,000 by simply leasing their land. It’s also a benefit to hunters because they don’t have to worry about actually purchasing land but can instead lease it when they need it. It’s a lot better to hunt on a private property instead of public land that can sometimes become crowded with other hunters, making your hunt a lot less successful. Leasing land for hunting allows allows hunters to scout out the exact type of terrain they are looking to hunt on or to find a lot with a specific type of game. On HLRBO, there are hundreds of listings, allowing hunters to pick and choose exactly what they are looking for.

Is Leasing Land Safe? 

Landowners may be concerned about safety when they are looking to lease out their land. HLRBO provides tools to make sure the leasing experience is safe, including hunting lease insurance and the chance to meet hunters before you agree to let them lease property. If an in-person meeting is not possible, you can email and chat with hunters directly on HLRBO.
HLRBO makes sure to secure the most responsible hunters on the website by using verified email addresses, phone numbers and hunter profiles. This allows the landowner to decide when and to whom they choose to lease their property to. Landowners on HLRBO have the option to set their own rules and lease terms. Landowners are also given a variety of insurance options to protect their property should any incidents occur.

How Can Landowners Make Money on HLRBO?

HLRBO offers landowners the freedom to charge what they want. There are also tools on the website to help match the demand in the specific area. Prices can be adjusted based on size, amount of hunters that will be hunting and type of game. Landowners are able to be paid quickly via an online payment system or can also accept payment directly from hunters. Landowners are also able to decide the schedule and requirements for the hunters.
Using a website like HLRBO is a great tool for both hunters and landowners alike. The website offers easy navigation to list and find properties as well as open communication between both parties and added safety features.
To learn more about HLRBO, click here.



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