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What should I plant?!

beginners land objective management reforestation Apr 13, 2022
One of the most common questions I have been asked is...
WHAT should I plant??
After which I'll take a look at what kind of land your own - is it wet, is it dry, is it sandy, does it have a clay component, etc etc. This gives me insight to what tree species would be best suited to grow... however my next question will be:
WHAT is your objective?
Because although I will advise you on what can and should grow best on your land, there is usually plenty of wiggle room for options - which is where YOUR objective will prove to be incredibly important.
Why isn't this answer cut and dry? 
- you have dry and sandy land: plant longleaf
- you have clay land: plant loblolly
-you have sandish land that can be wet: plant slash
But the truth is a lot of these pine species have overlap on where they are capable to grow...
there is usually more than one "right" option.
Picture yourself getting ready for a "night out" ... what are you going to wear?! Well, likely the outfit you will pick will probably be based partially on where you are going, who you are going with, and finally what your plans are for the night...
Where you are going - like what your land is capable of -will limit some, but not ALL of your choices... are you going to the local olive garden or the hottest night club in the city? Sure you can wear the same outfit to either location, but if we're honest with ourselves, you have different outfits that are much BETTER suited for each specific location.
Who you are going with - are you going on a romantic date or is this a girls night out - this will help you further your choices down even more... similar to how much do you want to invest into your new seedlings...
What your night plans are - this is most like your land objective - there are a lot of options, and where you are going and who you are going with will help narrow down those options to choose from... but ultimately this is YOUR life (land) and WHAT you want at the end (of the night) plays a large factor in what you will choose to plant.
Sometimes we can way overthink and analyze our options - so next time you're getting ready to plant, like how you would call your girlfriends for their opinion on your outfit, call your local and trusted professionals for their opinion.


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