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6 Outdoor Loving Delights: Valentine's Gifts for Your Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor Loving Delights: Valentine's Gifts for Your Outdoor Enthusiast

Feb 05, 2024

Love is in the air, and since you're reading this blog, I can take a strong assumption that you and/or your family have a deep affection for the land! So why not celebrate that connection with a Valentine's Day gift that speaks to this passion? From thoughtful to practical, I'm taking the stress out of this Valentines Day and have gathered all the outdoor loving delights at your fingertips and have a list of valentine's gifts for your outdoor enthusiast valentine! The best part of all this? You'll get bonus points for giving something truly unique cultivated just for them! 

No more time to waste... where's the list?! 

  1. Personalized Garden Tools: This is for the love who truly loves to get down in the dirt! Whether it's flower gardens, vegetable gardens, or cultivating food plots and wildlife openings... elevate their gardening experience with personalized tools! Engrave their name on a high-quality trowel, hand-fork or leather gloves! Adding a touch of sentiment to their cherished moments spent cultivating the soil will show how much you appreciate them and their hobbies! 

    Check out a few places you can grab some fun outdoor garden tools here:
  2. Tree Planting Experience: Let's get cheesy with this one... plant the seeds of love with a romantic tree planting experience! Choose a meaningful, local tree species, and together, plant the foundation of a growing legacy. Literally watch your love grow over the ages and create a new favorite spot to visit on the land! What represents setting roots for the future than planting a tree together for your children's children to visit. Picking a species that is suitable for your soil and location if vital to watching it thrive, but also you can find a wide range of symbolism in hardwoods to evergreen species. 

  3. Personalized Outdoor Apparel: Does your love look for any and every opportunity to be out there on the land?! Upgrade some of their most worn outdoor apparel with a more durable, long-lasting apparel; get the article of clothing or accessories that you know will transform their work in the land to next-level comfort; personalize an outdoors jacket they'll take pride in being outside no matter the weather! Know they are a faithful steward of the line, opt-in to grab them their own Enrooted gear so they can wear their faith proudly aligned with their love for the land! 

  4. Nature-Inspired Jewelry: Capture the sterotypical go-to Valentine's gift with a new twist: nature-inspired jewelry. Depending what your love truly cherishes, pick pieces adorned with tree motifs, leaf designs, or various wildlife accessories such as deer antler or feathers. Cherished jewelry doesn't have to be "expensive" jewelry. Each accessory you've now gifted becomes a wearable reminder of your shared love for the great outdoors. Check out a few of my personal favorite designs here:

  5. Customized Land Map Art: Transform the lay of the land into a personalized masterpiece. Commission a custom land map art piece featuring the geographical details of a location that holds sentimental value for both of you! Need a DIY version? Grab the tax-accessors boundary parcels and overlay them on Google Earth. PRINT that boundary image and use other computer or app features where you can truly customize the aerial to showcase special places for the two of you and your family, go to your local craft's store and get a frame for it! Land holds memories and can share a historical story of the past and in the future. Take that story of the land to framed artwork which can be cherished everyday. It's a unique and artistic way to commemorate your love and connection to the land. 

  6. Wildflower Seed Packets: Bring a burst of color to your Valentine's garden with wildflower seed packets. These vibrant blossoms not only add beauty to the landscape but also attract pollinators!  Everyone loves the visual of a bountiful field of wildflowers, the butterflies they attract, and other benefits to various wildlife! Be sure to get native-mixes for your area though to avoid accidently introducing invasive species or species which won't benefit your local wildlife. You can find some wildflower packets here.

This Valentine's Day, show your land-loving Valentine how much they mean to you with a gift that resonates with their passion for the great outdoors. Whether it's personalized garden tools, a romantic tree planting experience, or new personalized outdoor apparel, these thoughtful gestures will nurture the love you share for each other and the land. From my family to yours: Happy Valentine's Day!


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