How am I going to do this?
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm starting from scratch and have no idea how to get started.
How do I know the right steps to take?

Forest Management doesn't have to be overwhelming, and you don't have to be a professional to do it! You don't have to know ANYTHING about managing forests to get started. So, come inside and let's get you ready because I have the resources, trainings, and steps you need to make sure you know how to confidently manage a profitable and sustainable forest!

Let's Get Started

Want to Know What You Own? Try Our Beginner Landowner Journal

Whether you've just inherited, plan to one day or have some experience under your belt, knowing what you own is the first step to kickstarting your journey and reaching your landowner goals. It's why I'm offering our Beginner Landowner Journal for FREE!

Did you know?

Women tend to outlive men. Many times then, family lands are left to the spouses to take over the management and make the major decision on "what to do next". This can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stress if you have not been engaged with any of the land decisions until then! 

We understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed with decisions and to feel inadequate to make those choices. Land & Ladies is your opportunity to be proactive in your land management!


Just Imagine...

Imagine being able to effectively communicate exactly what you wish to receive from your land, now AND in the future!

Imagine being able ask the right questions, to find the right resources, to get the right results.

Imagine being in control of what management decisions get implemented.  


What Land & Ladies Can Do For You

As your online forestry consulting company, we have perfected our focus to reach you exactly where you're at!

We understand you're busy... kids, work, general household needs, church and more... life keeps us busy to the brim! 

And with all of that going on in the present, it's hard to find any time amongst the busyness! ESPECIALLY for things you already feel ill equipped to handle... and so we push it to the back burner over, and over, and over again.

But it doesn't have to be that way...


Perhaps you find yourself saying: 
"I don't know anything about my land.. my husband takes care of it"
"We already have a consultant forester that manages our land"
And if that's the case I have a question for you... 

What happens when they're not? 

 No one wants to think about the worst case what if scenarios, but it is these very cases why I implore you to start NOW and prevent putting yourself in the position of making poor land decisions while in the midst of emotions and grief because you are unfamiliar with the management process, jargon and responsibilities. 

"We're just starting to look for land to buy, but haven't bought any yet so is there anything for me?"

BEFORE you buy any land, make sure to fully understand your goals and objectives so you can be sure you make the RIGHT investment for you and your family. Being proactive in your knowledge is the best investment you can do for yourself and your landownership journey.

No matter what "stage" of landowner, there is something here for you:

 Articles that relate common forestry and land management topics to every day life

 Podcast to empower you with inspiration, new perspectives and quick tips for your forest management and landownership journey.

 Digital Course Trainings to provide you with the RIGHT tools and resources you need to confidently manage your land 

Are you a Consultant or Forestry Organization...

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A sincere thank you to everyone who supports and collaborates with us to empower women across the Southeast!