Selling Timber?

Don't make a 30 year timber cutting mistake with a 30 minute decision. 

Remove those "what if" thoughts for good!

2 Chronicles 2:8-10, We are meant to sell and cut timber...


I know you've either been approached by a timber buyer OR you have perhaps been thinking about looking for a timber buyer to cut timber for you... 

 But you're wondering IF this is the right time, right price or right person to work with...

Because you just want to ensure you're making the right decisions...

The good news is timber cutting and harvesting is a natural operation and an aspect of GOOD stewardship! God always intended for us to cut timber, for harvesting to occur, as long as the earth endures (Genesis 8:22) We're meant to utilize cut timber AND get paid for it. (2 Chronicles 2:8-10)

But WHAT IF you're NOT MAXIMIZING your profit potential?! 
WHAT IF you're being taken advantaged of?! Why are you hearing some say to cut timber now and others say wait? What IF this isn't the right way to harvest, what are actually your options for timber cutting??

It's time to stop those WHAT IF seeds of doubt thoughts around timber cutting and harvesting. 

I've got the perfect online training to give you clarity and the direction you're looking for... 


We know the importance of not only asking specific questions but taking intentional action in all areas of our life.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7)

What can you expect from Land & Ladies?

Land and Ladies is all about Faith, Family, & Forests.  We provide you with tools and resources to confidently move forward to sell and cut timber to create a profitable and sustainable forestland. Genesis 8:22 and Ecclesiastes 3:2 reminds us as long as the earth endures, there will always be a harvesting season, and it is our duty to ensure timber cutting and harvest is done appropriately on the land. And the more you understand, the better you communicate effectively which will reduce the uncertainty, the "what ifs", and the hindsight regrets when selling your timber.

You can count on three things from us:

Asking the RIGHT questions

You can't ask what you don't know. We provide the specific knowledge you need to get you to communicate effectively with any forester to gain clarity throughout the entire timber cutting and selling process. 

Finding the RIGHT resources

We have everything from podcast episodes, short courses to your fully-inclusive digital training to give you with the knowledge and tools to find the right resources when it comes to your selling your timber. Not all things are right for YOU, learn how to find YOUR best fit!

Getting the RIGHT results

It doesn't get much simpler than this! You'll be making confident decisions for the results you want before you know it. Take Action and see for yourself!

Don't just trust me... Read for yourself what other women have experienced through my programs:

Hi, I'm Danielle!

And with over a decades experience as a professional forester, I invite you to join me to embrace our God-given stewardship to harvest our forestland. (Genesis 8:22)

Let me help you ask the right questions, to actually get the right resources and get your RIGHT results.


SELL Your Trees.

But let me help you do so without that shadow of doubt!

How to Sell & Get Paid Audio



Let's get right to it! Listen to the TWO ways timber can be sold and the TWO ways you can expect to be paid! 



Timber Profits Unleashed



Gain the 3 most crucial things to know for maximizing your cut timber profits. And honestly, it's probably NOT what you think!



Selling Your Timber: A-Z



The "everything you didn't know you needed to know" when it comes to selling timber. Your fully-inclusive course will not leave ANY questions or shadows of a doubt while you navigate timber cutting.

BONUS: Receive up to 3 consulting calls, to help you navigate your timber sale!


How would it feel to find out your cut timber was worth 5x, 10x, 100x more than  that “cash now" offer?

Even if you haven't received 
that letter in the mail or been offered that cash price offer directly, the decisions you make with WHO and HOW you sell your timber can greatly impact your profit potential. I have heard story after story about regrets from selling timber to the wrong person or at the wrong time and either not fully receiving their profit potential OR not having the right expectations the logging process. 

Timber cutting is often a once-in-a-lifetime event and should be taken more seriously than the time we spend researching for the best coffeemaker. 

Don't let your biggest management decision be one full of regret and doubt.
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