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to the confident and faithful land steward scripture leads us to be

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Did you Know...

Less than a quarter of ALL forest landowner primary decision makers are female in the US AND Southeast...
(National Woodland Owner Survey 2021)

52% of forestland acreage is inherited

Yet over HALF of all US Southeastern forestlands are inherited by a spouse, parent or other family member.
(National Woodland Owner Survey 2021)

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 I understand someone else has held the reins up until now.

 I know you feel thrusted into the role of managing generational family forestland, without any experience, knowledge or direction and on top of that, feel grief or overwhelm and the growing pressure to make the right decisions...

Sometimes we‚Äôre placed into roles that allow us to take charge of an¬†‚Äúopportunity‚Ä̬†we never intended to take.

The question is... 

Will you be like Esther, and embrace the responsibility God has laid at your feet? (Esther 4:14)

You don't have to stay in analysis paralysis.

I've got the perfect online training to clear the fog and give you the direction you're looking for. 

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52% of forestland acreage is inherited

OVER 36,000 acres have become sustainably managed by women with Land and Ladies as of 2024!

We are currently helping women in 29 states confidently make the right decisions for their land stewardship goals, and expanding!

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Our programs consistently score 4.7 stars, equipping and empowering women to tackle forestland management decisions with confidence!


We know the importance of not only asking specific questions but taking intentional action in all areas of our life.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you" (Matthew 7:7)

What can you expect from Land & Ladies?

Land and Ladies is all about Faith, Family, & Forests.  We provide you with tools and resources to confidently manage a sustainable and profitable forestland the way God intended. The better you are at communicating your goals and objectives, the less likely you are to be overwhelmed and unsure. No matter when you decide to get started, you can count on three things from us:

Learning to ask the RIGHT questions

You can't ask what you don't know. We provide impactful knowledge to help you communicate effectively with your forester or those involved in your forestland management. 

Finding the RIGHT resources

Everything from podcast episodes to digital course trainings to our capstone Academy Membership provides you with the tools to find your own resources based on your goals. 

Getting the RIGHT results

It doesn't get much simpler than this! You'll be making confident decisions for the results you want before you know it. Take Action and see for yourself!

Manage Confidently Together!


Hi, I'm Danielle, professional forester here and I've been developing programs for women to confidently manage their forestland since 2016.

Join me and let's embrace our God-given land stewardship responsibilities by asking the right questions, getting the right resources and achieving the RIGHT results.


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Have you been receiving a “cash now" offer for your land or timber?

Even if you haven't received 
that letter in the mail with the cash price yet, your land stewardship decisions you make now, impact the results you will receive LATER. The last thing you want to do is to be investing more money into your land without seeing your desired results, to be making contradictory management decisions which will cost you money in the long run....

...or even worse, to do nothing, and increase the liability potential of your forestland being unmanaged. Because forestland that isn’t managed, isn't financially self-sustaining.

And forestland that isn't financially sustainable, doesn’t stay family forestland long…
(Matthew 25:14-30)
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