We equip women with the resources to tackle their landowner and forest management needs through our programs, membership and online resources.



To educate women on forestry and land management topics and challenges.


To create confidence in women to engage with their land and tackle landownership challenges.



To show women their legacy potential through plan development.

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These are short course modules offering insight on hot topics like land objectives, planning, record keeping, and ways to make your land profitable. 

What Land & Ladies Can Do For You

As the first forestry consulting business to focus on women landowners, we offer three different ways for women to be engaged, and start taking their ownership by the reigns OR to the next level. 


"I don't know anything about my land.. my husband takes care of it"
"We already have a consultant forester that manages our land"
"We're just starting to look for land to buy, but haven't bought any yet so I'm not eligible"
"I already attend all the different workshops and courses offered around me and in the state..."

No matter what "stage" of landowner, there is something here for you:

 Articles that relate common forestry and land management topics to every day life

 Programs and Events to network with other women just like you, while building your confidence to overcome and handle any and all landownership decisions

 Membership opportunity to help you stay engaged with your management plan

Did you know?

Women tend to outlive men. Many times then, family lands are left to the spouses to take over the management and make the major decision on "what to do next". This can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stress if you have not been engaged with any of the land decisions until then! 

We understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed with decisions and to feel inadequate to make those choices. Land & Ladies is your opportunity to be proactive in your land management!


Just Imagine...

Imagine being able to effectively communicate exactly what you wish to receive from your land, now AND in the future!

Imagine being able to negotiate a timber sale with confidence to maximize the price in YOUR pocket.

Imagine being in control of what and which management decisions get implemented.  

Imagine having a network of supportive women to help you overcome any and all obstacles.


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Collaborative Sponsorship

An annual sponsorship opportunity that allows you/your company to be engaged across all platforms and events hosted within the calendar year.


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Event Development & Engagement

Want to organize a Land & Ladies event to compliment your annual meeting, or interested in hiring us to speak at your training or event?

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Symposium Sponsorship


The Woman Landowner Symposium is a bi-annual national capstone event to engage and enlighten veteran and emerging women landowners.


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