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Landowner Essential Gear for Your Land

Landowner Essential Gear for Exploring Your Land

beginners essentials gear landownership Jan 31, 2024

Owning land comes with the joy of natural, "wide-open spaces", as well as the responsibility of maintaining it. Whether you're a seasoned landowner or a new property enthusiast, having the right landowner essential gear for exploring your land, can make all the difference to transform you from frustration to joyful work. I mean, even Solomon recognized the importance of finding joy in our toilsome work in Ecclesiastes 5:19. "When God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God."

Joy is an attitude and mindset in our lives. But, if I'm honest, our gear we wear and take with us into the woods can make a HUGE difference in how much we can enjoy our beautiful outdoors.

So let's get to it: what landowner essential gear for exploring your land! 

First and foremost: Sturdy Boots for ANY Terrain! No landowner's wardrobe is complete without a reliable pair of boots. Sneakers are great for a wide-variety of activities... I even wear them sometimes in the woods if I'm just stopping in very briefly. But for anything more than a 5-10 minute stop I highly recommend investing in sturdy, comfortable boots as the very first essential for every landowner. 

There are a few key elements that I look for in ALL my personal woods boots: ankle support, waterproof and lace-up. Now the last one is subjective... I have had my fair-share of slip-on boots! I love them too, but when walking in woods specifically, I do prefer laces simply for that added support on my ankles. This extra support helps when I roll my feet my mis-stepping on branches or roots, or to help keep my boots ON my feet when that mud-hold was a little deeper than expecting.

Although I can sometimes be swayed on laces or slip-ons, in every any and every case waterproof is a non-negotiable for me. I don't know how many morning walks I have where my boots have slowly become damp simply from the dew associated with the grass and other plant vegetation I'm walking through, and if I have to walk across a shallow creek or damp ground after a rainstorm... trust me on this one, I've always regretted NOT investing in this feature.   

**When searching for "work boots" - be sure you are not getting steel toe or composite toe! For your everyday outdoors work or enjoyment on your land, these shoes will be much heavier and add un-needed weight to your walk.**

Want a place to get started for your own pair? Check out a few of my personal favorite brands:

The next most important landowner essential gear for exploring your land?

Socks: To go along with our new trusty boots, you're going to want to get some heavy-duty socks. Not heavy duty as in thick necessarily, but lasting. Along with your boots, your socks can make-or-break your comfort level walking and working in the land. There are a few elements I look for in my work socks specifically: moisture wicking, extra heel support/cushion, and length. We all know the feeling from those cute fuzzy socks you wear around the house, but put on a pair of slippers with them and your feet begin to sweat! An absolutely miserable feeling. Thin socks may be cute and fine for errand running in my sneakers, but will get a hole after a few intense wears of walking in the woods. And if I now have ankle-supporting boots I want to be sure they're not rubbing on my bare skin. I recognize this is a personal preference, but I have a partiality toward calf-length socks. This not only gives me ample height to cover my socks but also room for them to settle down OR if I'm wearing my slip-ons, keeps the leather from rubbing on my skin anywhere. I can also choose to double them over and give extra buffer layer when I'm breaking in new boots too! Check out some of my favorite go-to socks for the outdoors: 

Moving away from feet, what other landowner gear is essential for exploring your land? 

Outdoor Apparel for All Seasons: Embrace the elements with clothing tailored for the outdoors. It's easy to just throw on any ol' t-shirt, but be sure to dress appropriately for the season! When it's summer choose lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics compared to the winter season, it's not a bad idea to invest in thicker insulation. But let's not forget for rain and wind! Not planning to go out in the rain? I try not to myself too, walking around wet is absolutely miserable. But depending where you're at it may not be uncommon for afternoon showers to quickly spring on you. Luckily a windbreaker like jacket can give you some protection from a quick shower or gentle mist but give you the biggest bang for your money when it comes to sharp wind gusts! There's cold... and then there's windy-cold.... and if you know, you know. 
One thing I do typically always recommend is long-sleeves no matter the season though. Why? Summer is hot! That may seem like a completely contrary idea, but trust me, a light-weight long-sleeve button up will help protect your skin from the sun AND bugs. I'm talking mosquitos, sand gnats, biting flies, and ticks. Will it be fool-proof? No, but as I've aged more I've learned the hard way the importance of staying as covered as possible. Here are a few of my personal favorite long-sleeve shirts for summer and for winter:

If you're not spending extended period in the woods though a t-shirt might be just the right fit for you! And when I'm wearing t-shirts, I still want to ensure they are light-weight and comfortable, but I want to be moreso aware of the messaging on my clothing! This is why we have created the Enrooted Store- giving comfort of the every-day tee and expression that aligns with our faith-based values. The perfect attire for a quick stop with your contractors, logging operations or general homesteading duties! As what I say "What Your Values Boldly."

And the last landowner essential for exploring your land?

Pocketknives: While you're out and about you never know what you might encounter. And going to forestry school has shown me the necessity of having a pocketknife with you at all times! It provides an immediate little protection device if absolutely needed (I pray it's not), but it's amazing how many times a day you come across something you need to cut "real quick". This can range from flagging tape left from an old operation or marking you no longer need; vines caught around your feet which have now become tangled up; your own clothing caught up on some shrubbery. If you're not used to carrying a knife, it's like getting used to wearing a watch or having your phone these days... it can feel a little awkward at first but after a little while you feel weird when you DON'T have it with you! Check out some of my favorite pocketknives to easily carry in any pant style:

Being a landowner is a rewarding journey, and having the right essentials exploring and working your land only enhances the experience. From your boots to your shirts, and a simple pocketknife, these landowner essentials ensure you're well-prepared for whatever your property adventure brings. We all have our preferences, and sometimes there's a trial-and-error period of determining what fits your body and comfort BEST along with your climate and terrain, but I hope these recommendations give you a good starting place to stock up on your own landownership gear! And remember, finding joy in our "toilsome work" is a gift from God (Ecclesiastes 5:19), and wearing the right gear can help tremendously keep our minds in the right attitude while outdoors. 

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