The Woman Landowner Academy 2.0

Enlighten. Empower. Enroot.

The Woman Landowner Academy 2.0 is a 6-week long virtual course covering a variety of landowner and management topics to MAXIMIZE your forest management!

 2.0 includes exclusive portal access, a private Facebook group, and weekly LIVE zoom sessions complimenting the printed workbook mailed to you. Members have lifetime access to portal where all video modules will be stored. 

**2.0 is an exclusive opportunity only offered to those who have completed the Academy Course.



The Woman Landowner Academy 2.0

Maximize Your Forest Management

  • Week 1: Finding & Contracting with a Consultant Forester

  • Week 2: Determining What Timber Products You're Growing

  • Week 3: Lease & Income Opportunities

  • Week 4: Wildlife Enhancements

  • Week 5: How to Select a Pine Species for YOUR Site

  • Week 6: Prescribed Burning Basics


"I like to see opportunities to learn in an environment more adapted to the female way. Conversations are freer, babies are running around and the information is still being delivered and received. I recommend it to any woman finding herself in the position to own and manage timberland."

-Della F.

"As a landowner for over 20 years, I wish I had participated in this class as a new landowner. I would not have made as many mistakes! I’m still learning, however, and I truly benefited from the content "

-Linda S.

"This second session of the Academy once again revealed to me just how much I still don't know! Both Academies revealed new questions to ask and delve into with my father, siblings, and forester as we are working together to manage our family's land."

-Stephanie R.

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