The Woman Landowner Symposium:

Enlightened Ownership

Growing a connection with women and their land. 


Thank you for attending The Woman Landowner Symposium: Enlightened Ownership (2021)! This national women landowner's event purpose is to empower women with the confidence to take hold of their landownership as well as creating an atmosphere for women to connect with one another. The 1.5 day event was comprised of natural resource expert general sessions, breakout workshop opportunities and a social reception.

If you weren't able to attend the entire Symposium, you now have the opportunity to watch recordings here! Also posted are many of the references and resources made throughout the presentations, and finally the pdf versions of the presentations themselves. 


Danielle Atkins, Dean Green and Dr. Puneet Dwivedi welcome attendees to the Symposium, share the latest updates with the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and why the creation of the symposium and women engagement is so important in regards to land management.

Symposium PROGRAM 


Dr. Tamara Cushing- Through our Eyes: why it is critical for women to engage in natural resources.

Hear Dr. Cushing's experiences of being a woman in forestry and why it is important for women to be present

Cade Warner- Mildred Westervelt Warner, Paper Industry’s First Female Titan

Mildred's own grandson shares her words and the influence she had helping to create The Westervelt Company to the powerhouse forest company it is today. 


Dakota Wagner- The Impacts of Empowering Women in Forest Stewardship

Dakota speaks on the impacts of women focused programs across the southeast in land management, and why these programs are so important. 


Jody Strickland- What to Expect from Consulting Foresters

Jody talks how consulting foresters serve and what a landowner can and should expect from working with one


Veronica McClendon- Estate Planning Breakout Session

Veronica speaks on what estate planning is, why it is so important for women to start doing now and some FAQ they should consider when making their plan



Dr. Lauren Griffeth- Generational Communication Breakout Session

Dr. Griffeth shares how the different generations communicate based on experiences and values associated with each, and why it is important to know these differences to better foster communication with one another


Georgia Forestry Association Social Reception Special

Matt Hestad shares what the Georgia Forestry Association and Georgia Forestry Foundation are, what their mission focuses on, and how you can be involved

GFA Website

Wanda Barrs- Being an Engaged Woman Landowner

Wanda shares her experiences as being a landowner, how Gully Branch (their family land) came to be, and why being involved and engaged as been so important to her and why it should be important for you


Amanda Lang- The Importance of Knowing Your Markets 

Amanda shares how markets impact landownership, what to know about markets and why its important to understand what your local market availability is


FORISK Website

Laura Bosworth- Forest Policy and Women Forest Landowners

Laura shares her experiences navigating the policy and forest industry world, how policy impacts forestry and why it is important for landowners to be engaged in the political spectrum


Lynn Wilson-Get Engaged NOW: Next Steps

Lynn talks about how she got personally involved in the forestry, how the importance of women engagement with their land has impacted her personally and what are the next steps you should look forward to after this symposium



Bob Izlar shares concluding remarks for the 2021 Woman Landowner Symposium

Sponsors and Supporters:

The Woman Landowner Symposium Sponsors

During the Symposium we will hosted a Silent Auction, showcasing various female artists and business owners, and especially the beauty and wonder of nature!

All funds were100% donated to

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, but accounts for more deaths than any other gynecologic cancer of the female reproductive system.