The Woman Landowner Academy

Get the clarity and direction you're looking for to manage your forestland with confidence in 6 weeks!

Choose The Woman Landowner Academy:

1. Expert Guidance: Learn from Danielle herself, a professional and Georgia registered forester, with over a decade of experience of forestry advice for landowners and has specifically specialized in women's training since 2016! 

2. Practical Foundations: It's not just education... Gain essential and practical knowledge and skills you need, how to act on them, to really get you asking the right questions and understanding those answers and options! This Academy provides the foundations which form the backbone of successful landownership and land stewardship.

3. Empowerment:  Join a community of women just like you, keep one another accountable AND start equipping yourself with the confidence to make the right informed decisions for your land and navigate the complexities of land management with ease.

Ready to Take Charge of Your Land?

Esther 4:14 reminds us that this is the time we've been called for...

This is the crossroads you are now at: to do nothing and have things remain the same, or to embrace the responsibilities put at your feet and take intentional action. 

Equip yourself with the knowledge and communication skills to truly steward your forestland with confidence through the Academy. Join us for six group classes where we cover the essential topics every landowner needs to fully understand to thrive.

DATES for LIVE Sessions: 

These will be held over ZOOM and links for sessions will be sent out each week for convenience. 

Pencil these dates into your schedule: July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th, August 6th, August 13th, August 20th

Every Tuesday at 11:30am (EST) for 6 weeks

*All sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the portal where you can log in and rewatch at your leisure.*

**After this our next group class won't be until 2025, dates TBD**

What's actually the agenda for the 6 foundations?

📚 Understanding What You Own - the very beginnings before you can move forward with ANY decisions.
🗺️ Your Why Factor - Your ultimate purpose and land goals to align everything to, but it's deeper than you think... 
📒 Plans - The biggest mistake families make is not establishing and writing down plans to track progress, measure success, and keep you on track...
💰Finances - Income Opportunities, taxes, and budgeting. Everything you need to have a financially successful forest.
🌱 Reforestation 101 - Your MOST EXPENSIVE management practice! Understand what your options are and why this is so crucial... 
🌲 Harvesting 101 - Your must lucrative management practice! Be sure to understand all the nuisances involved before you start...

-Estate Planning - Our legal succession understanding is crucial for our land to stay sustainable within the family!

 & Realistic Timelines - Shift your mind to understand what's realistic expectations for different management practices and as a whole.

Still have questions? Email me at [email protected] directly! 

$349.00 USD