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What you walk away with:

1. Clarity and Confidence in YOUR Land Stewardship Decisions: Landowner Foundations gives you the Step-by-Step understanding you need to ensure you're making the right and best decisions for your land! No matter if you're a first generation or 5th generation family landowner; grew up on the land or living in the city, the best land stewardship out there comes down to fully embracing and understanding our 6 foundations! And it's not as complicated as you probably think...

2. Strategic Planning: Forest management seems like a never-ending circle of decisions... but through these foundational components we cover on plans, timelines, reforestation, and harvesting, you'll understand the HOW to cultivate the strategic planning needs of your forestland. You'll learn how to develop and execute plans that align with your long-term goals, ensuring sustainable stewardship of your land for generations more to come.

3. Fresh Perspective:  Listen, I know you've probably been browsing the same extension pdf's and webinars on sustainable forest management and forestry for landowners.... and if you're anything like me even if I keep hearing the same words I may never fully comprehend what they really mean. I guarantee Landowner Foundations, being based in scripture, and with my unique teaching perspectives, I'll have you finally understanding of common forest management principles, terminology, and practices you need to take no matter what stage of land stewardship you feel like you're starting from.


Landowner Foundations Agenda:

⭐The What's You NEED To Answer

⭐ The Why-Factor, Your MOST Important Principle

⭐ Plans To Have and How to Get Them

⭐ Common Timeline Expectations in Land Stewardship

⭐Reforestation 101 Basics

⭐Harvesting 101 Foundations


Consisting of 6 Training Sessions from our latest 2024 Landowner Foundations Masterclass, this self-paced power-packed course has everything you need to start managing your forestland with clarity and confidence you're looking for!

With over a decade of forest management experience and insight into female landownership challenges, Danielle has perfected the ability for women to cut through the fluff and address the specific needs and challenges you're facing today.

⌛I know we're all have different time tables and feel like we're juggling 32 different things all at the same time! This is what I love about the flexibility offered by self-paced learning. Whether I have a full hour to sit down with my coffee, or only the minutes during dinner prep, these modules are designed to meet you exactly where you're at!