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Contacts are kept private and never shared. Land & Ladies does not participate in traditional forestry consulting.

Forester Connections: your resource to help you cultivate relationships

Through consistent communication and access to landowner resources, we foster connections that reduce lead times and increase client retention.
Let us keep them connected, confident in their decisions and committed to you, their consultant!
Don't leave your landowners unclear, searching Google for answers...



Remove the Excuses - Feed Your Clients the Right Information Now!

  •   Enrooted, The Podcast Episodes: Our weekly podcast for landowners
  • Weekly 'Motivational Monday'. Our scripture-based management messaging
  •  Biweekly Newsletters (includes landowner articles, events and available program offerings)



Everything offered in the Field Subscription plus...

  • Client Access to Online Course Library and Live Course Offerings

Bonus as a VIP Consultant:

  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Biweekly Consultant Communication Tips