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Forest Landowner Magazine May/June Issue 2022

Young Georgia Forester Danielle Atkins has created a growing community through her mostly online consulting platform that aims to educate women thrust suddenly into the role of private forest landowners. 

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Georgia Business Engages Women with the Outdoors

Women-run businesses are popping up more and more throughout the outdoor industry. Women are studying things like landscape architecture, horticulture, forestry and arboriculture.  

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Inaugural Symposium Challenges Women to Get a Hand on Their Land

Woman Landowner Symposium creates a space for understanding and connections, with the future of forestry in mind     Women are essential to the future of forestry. That was the message brought home to 65 participants at the first Woman Landowner Symposium, which took place in May on the University of Georgia campus. Offered as both an in-person and online event, the two days of presentations and networking aimed to better connect female

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Land and Ladies: Empowering Women Landowners

If you talk to Danielle Atkins about her work, you'll come away knowing she is passionate about forestry and especially about reaching out to female forest landowners.

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Who Runs the Forest? Increasingly, In the Southeast, It's Women!

Men have historically overseen most forest management in the southeastern United States, where the vast majority of woodlands are privately owned. As more women are inheriting or purchasing land for the first time, demographics are changing. 

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Land and Ladies: Women Helping Women Manage Land and Timber

Are you interested in investing in timberland but don't know where to start? We interviewed certified Forester and educator, Danielle Atkins of Land and Ladies for her advice on what women need to know about buying and managing timberland.

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Women Affecting Change in Forestry and Landownership

Kim Eubanks, Orbis Inc. GIS Project Manager, Speaks About Her Time at Land & Ladies Conference and The Voice of Women Landowners

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The Future of Forestland Ownership is Female

Forestry has long been a male-dominated field, but an increasing number of women are beginning to inherit their husbands’, fathers’ and families’ lands. Due to higher life expectancies, these women are often thrown into land ownership without any prior knowledge or education of forest management. As a result, these forests are at risk of being sold to developers or mismanaged.

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To Keep Forest Sustainable, Educating for Women is Key

 It’s a story University of Georgia student Jacqueline Miner hears again and again: Women come to own forestland through a family member but don’t know what to do with it.

Selling the land is one option, but they know it might not be the best one—keeping forests as forests is a more sustainable solution. But because women often aren’t included in conversations about forestland management, they don’t know where to turn for resources or guidance when they become landowners.

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Perspectives of four stakeholder groups about the participation of female forest landowners in forest management in Georgia, United States

As the number of female forest landowners (FFLs) in the United States continues to rise, there is an increasing need to understand the perceptions of stakeholder groups about opportunities and challenges faced by FFLs in the context of sustainable forestland management. 

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Breaking Barriers: Women in Forestry Share Thier Stories

It's now up to the next generation of women foresters to address this backslide. Fortunately, they’re already working on it. In the past few years, women have formed numerous organizations to support other women foresters and women landowners. 

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