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So, you're considering pulling your ag lands out of production and moving towards timber but are unsure if this is a RIGHT fit for you...

STOP wondering! I have a 5-day audio series specifically for folks on the fence where I answer questions AND provide you with additional forest resources to help you decide which options are RIGHT for you.


CRP Workshop- In Person ONLY

September 14th, 2023 - Cordele, GA

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The Landowner to Steward Intensive Series

A 2 Online Intensive on financial forest management aligned with scripture. Topics include:

  1. Concepts for Sustainability
  2. Where Money Comes from on Your Land
  3. How to Create a Budget for Sustainable Management

Registration cost: $197

When: September 18th, 19th, 21st, 27th, & 28th

Enroll now through September 17th
Find Out the ONE Thing I Ask ALL My Students When Just Getting Started as A Landowner. 

Whether you plan to inherit land, have recently inherited, or perhaps you're just now ready to get involved, I have a secret to help you make the right decisions no matter your experience, acreage, or location.

Selling Your Timber: A-Z

The course that prepares you to confidently sell your timber! Learn to find the RIGHT consultant, clearly see your options, how to protect your wealth building asset and feel confident in your timber sale.

Topics Include: 

  1. Overview of Timber Harvests
  2. Consultants & Contracts
  3. Ground Operations
  4. Financial Expectations
  5. Wildlife Enhancements
  6. Best Management Practices
  7. Potential Problems & Resolutions
  8. Preparation for Reforestation

Registration cost: $597

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