Enroot to the legacy potential your land can provide YOU and your family!


Today is the day to take control, get a hand on your land, and decide what legacy you are going to leave your family. Legacy's are not created by accident but with purpose. 

To be enrooted you should:

Have a 10 year management plan established for your property

 Be sure your legal affairs are in order through estate planning.



Land & Ladies can help you get your ten year management plan created!


Why is this important? 

  • Gives you steps to reach your vision for your land

  • Provides opportunity to apply for cost share programs

  • Showcases your plans to the next generation

Don't have a estate planning lawyer? Connect with one of our supporting firms!


Why is this important? 

  • Be sure your land does not become heirs

  • To be sure your family will always be available to ethical resources

  • To have your estate wishes be fulfilled legally after you are gone

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*Disclaimer: All Land & Ladies articles are personal opinion and should not be used as actual management advice for your specific property without consulting a professional.*

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