Empower: to make stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your life and claiming your rights with your land.



Virtual OR in-person events hosted by Land & Ladies to connect you to network of women landowers like you and empower you with the confidence and equip you with the tools to hand your land ownership and managment needs...



Get your OWN copy of Land & Ladies products, such as The Landownership Workbook to learn on your own schedule; and other merchandise to show your the Land & Ladies pride!


Southeastern Resources

Locate and contact your own local resources to execute your vision on the ground!

Land & Ladies: Longleaf Pine Managment Workshop
(January 25, 2020)


315 Live Oak Lane, Brunswick, GA 31523              landandladies@gmail.com

*Disclaimer: All Land & Ladies articles are personal opinion and should not be used as actual management advice for your specific property without consulting a professional.*

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