Dear Gran: What would you like to know about managing land?

women landowners Sep 13, 2019
Dear Gran,
What is one thing that you would like me to know about managing the land?
Dear PurrPurr Tane,
When I first began in the land management industry, I knew that I needed a long term plan in place, but had no idea where to start or where to gain knowledge and inspiration. I began to reach out to friends and colleagues, picking their brain about all things land management and management plans. I soon discovered that all it takes is a simple phone call or email. The knowledge of thousands of resources was soon at my fingertips. From this experience, I would urge you to reach out! There is so much learning to be done about how to manage your farm or forest.

You could spend from now until forever researching, reading, and practicing new skills and tactics for healthy land management.

One of the best ways to do this is by joining organizations, associations, and various groups that share in your interests. The American Tree Farm System, Georgia Forestry Association, Forest Farmer, and the Longleaf Alliance are just to name a few. Information and technical assistance can be gathered through many resources like the USDA, Cooperative Extension, Universities, the Society of American Foresters, local Registered Foresters, and neighboring landowners. These conduits can provide meaningful material and act as inspiration for your own land practices.
Don’t be afraid to reach out to any source you come across. I have found that everyone and anyone is willing to offer help to an interested party even if it is just via email, or as simple as sharing contact information. Forest management is a science and a passion that most folks want to share.
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