Lisa Vaughan

Oct 10, 2022

 Our 90-acre property was purchased in 2004 as an investment.  The previous owners had somewhat managed it but not in the most productive way. They had roughly 10 - 15 acres of planted pines but had also clearcut that many acres further back on the property and hadn't replanted or treated with herbicide treatment for future replanting.  

 Once we had time to assess the property and see what we had it was time for a plan of action.  I found one of my best resources to be my County Forestry Commission Ranger.  He came out multiple times for visits and consultations on where to start to make our property profitable and to fit the vision of what I wanted it to be. He also was able to help find some grants to help pay for some of my land improvements.  Your ranger better knows your area and what financial assistance may be available to landowners.  

 The most important part of tree farming is knowing what your plan/vision is for your property, then start working to make it happen. 

Get your "team" together then start the work.  Some of your best help is available in your county, reach out and ask for help.  Your county agent is a great resource as well, along with your consulting forester. 

When it comes time to sell your timber, be knowledgeable.  Ask questions.  As with any major investment, do what works for you. Don't let anyone take advantage of you or your investment.  Get several bids before signing a contract.  

The Land and Ladies Academy Course is great for everyone regardless of where you are in your landowner journey.  It teaches you how to market your timber from beginning all the way through the replanting.  The beauty of this program is that it caters to all aspects of land ownership including obtaining cost share grants, estate planning, harvesting, reforestation, wildlife habitats, and everything else you never knew you needed to know. 

Always remember we are not just ladies...we're informed landowners!



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