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beginners management objectives and goals Feb 15, 2019
You've picked your land objectives, made your goals and have the plans to meet those goals. Only one problem... those goals aren't compatible with what you actually own. Now, if you're searching to buy land - you can keep looking until your desires DO match. But like many women, you may be inheriting your property - from your husband, father, mother, grandmother, etc - but you are more so being handed over a piece of land without much choice in the characteristics which it may OR may not have to match your land goals.
Obtaining land is like learning to parent. We often have all these goals, desires and wants FOR our children.... we'll even start the steps to get them on our vision's path... BUT children have their own mind, personalities, AND their own ability. And when those little minds and abilities don't line up with OUR vision for them - it can be difficult to accept and reassess our plans.

--For example --

Maybe you have your heart on your children attending the top ivy league school to become a doctor, lawyer, or CEO of a fortune 500 business (just to name some of the stereotypes). We all know how competitive these schools are, so you must start preparing your children AS SOON AS they can basically blink their eyes... because if they're not fluently tri-lingual and can play the oboe by the time they enter pre-school...there is just no way they'll get into Harvard!
But as your child starts to grow into their own mindset and learning their natural skillset - they may turn out to be much more mechanically minded than academically minded... a better fit for trade school to be a mechanic or welder (or invent some new engine or device that we can't even fathom yet). That of course is significantly different than what we had dreamed up FOR them - but that doesn't make it any LESS successful, just because it's different. Of course the opposite could be true - maybe you had desires for them to take over the family tire business and they turn out to be better geared towards academia... again, that doesn't make this NEW path any worse or less... it's just DIFFERENT.
So having desires for your land is important... having that vision of what you want it to end up and making the plans to get there.... BUT, your land's capabilities may not always line up with your vision. Maybe you wanted that fast growing, revenue generating timber and you have a sand hill much better suited for slow growing longleaf pine; or maybe you had visions of walking down to your riverfront through hardwoods and your property floods 5 feet high during the rainy season. None of this makes your property any LESS useful or manageable - because it isn't matching your original vision in your mindseye - you may just need to reevaluate your plans so you can set yourself, and your land, up for success.
If you haven't already, enlist your local resources -> county forester, local biologist, NRCS technical service providers - and talk with them about your goals... and be sure to also take them to your land (or allow them access). Get their PROFESSIONAL opinions of your desires - if they're realistic with the land that you own. They can help you find the BEST way to reach your goals and objectives (based on your land, budget, and how active/intense you want to be).
Just like how your kids will probably throw you many curveballs that don't line up with your mental vision. (Mine already has and he's only been on earth for 13 months).
Your land will likely throw you some curveballs that won't go according to plan. Don't let that discourage you.. just sit, regroup if needed, and enjoy the journey of land management!
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