Anne Parker

May 19, 2022

Tree Farming

My dad started tree farming when he inherited a South Georgia pine plantation from his father. He had always wanted to work in forestry, so after a long career as a rocket scientist, he attended a Master Tree Farmer course and set out to plant Longleaf.


Now that Dad has passed, Mom and I are the tree farmers. We had just been “along for the ride,” so we had to take a crash course just to get started. Armed with a stewardship plan from the Georgia Forestry Commission, we started managing the farm. We have taken classes from the Longleaf Alliance, the UGA Warnell School of Forestry, Woodland Stewards, and Land & Ladies. We get a little help from resources like NRCS, Timber-Mart south, the GFC News You Can Use, the Longleaf Leader magazine, Woodland Stewards webinars, and of course, Land & Ladies! We are currently enrolled in The Women Landowner Academy 2.0, gaining confidence, learning new ideas, learning about important resources, and networking with others.


We planted Longleaf a year ago, and are watching the seedlings grow. We are fortunate to have a large population of gopher tortoises on the farm, as well as red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Our goal is to make the farm as productive as possible so generations to come will be able to join in the sustainable, satisfying purpose of being good stewards of the land.



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